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The National Institute for Human Trafficking Research and Training is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that focuses on the subject of human trafficking. It provides research and awareness training for law enforcement, social service providers, faith-based communities, and centers of learning and higher education.



Human Trafficking, commonly referred to as “modern day slavery” is a global phenomenon that involves obtaining or maintaining the labor or service of another through the use of force, fraud, or coercion in violation of an individual’s human rights.

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Due to the covert nature of the crime, human trafficking will likely come to your attention indirectly. Some examples of state and federal violations that may lead you to uncover elements of human trafficking include:  

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Successful response to human trafficking crimes requires community collaboration. That means Law Enforcement working hand in hand with Social Service Providers to assist victims of Human Trafficking.

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In many communities across the United States, law enforcement agencies are not up to speed when it comes to Human Trafficking Awareness Training.

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What They Say

test "“Training for state agencies is crucial – and it pays off”"

by: Terry Coonan, Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of Human Rights.

About Us

The National Institute for Human Trafficking Research and Training knows the importance of training. According to the Florida Strategic Plan on Human Trafficking produced by Florida State University – Center for the Advancement of Human Rights, one of the greatest needs is Awareness Training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and service providers.